Houston Police Officer Shoots Carjacking Suspect After Pulling Out a Gun While Being Chased

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Houston, Texas — On December 16, 2022, HPD Patrol officers received information of an aggravated robbery/carjacking and learned the suspect (30-year-old Joseph Taylor) was driving the victim’s vehicle on Bellaire Boulevard near U.S. Highway 59 South. Officers proceeded to the location and observed the vehicle in the 8300 block of Bellaire Blvd. The officers attempted to stop the vehicle using their lights and siren, but Taylor ignored the officers and evaded in the stolen vehicle. Officers pursued Taylor for several miles going into neighborhoods and then back out onto the main roadway. Officers observed Taylor travelling westbound near the 9100 block of Bellaire Blvd. when Taylor ran a light and struck another vehicle.

Officers observed Taylor exit the vehicle and evade on foot. Officers pursued Taylor into a nearby apartment complex where an officer attempted to deploy a CED (Conducted Energy Device) to Taylor, with no success. Officers continued to pursue Taylor when he produced a firearm. At that time, one officer discharged his duty weapon, striking Taylor in the ankle. Three firearms were recovered from Taylor before paramedics transported him to a hospital. Taylor was transported to an area hospital in stable condition. Following treatment for a gunshot wound to his ankle, he was transported to jail. Taylor is charged with three counts of aggravated assault against a public servant and aggravated robbery in the 230th State District Court.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer Reyes
7:18 – Bodycam: Officer Qian
8:58 – Bodycam: Officer Robau

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “Houston Police Officer Shoots Carjacking Suspect After Pulling Out a Gun While Being Chased

  1. "drop the gun", nope i am gonna juggle it so i can argue that i am unarmed when you shoot me.

  2. Criminals were threatening their lives with a gun
    However, the police subdued him without killing him.
    I have deep respect for the police.

  3. I have never seen a suspect this stupid and doubt I ever will again. Looked like he was playing catch with himself with his gun. I am just awestruck.

  4. Being a police officer must be like large amounts of time spent on everyday boredom followed by random moments of intense violence. Partly why I would never be a police officer. They really do deserve more respect for having to deal with the worst of humanity on a daily basis.

  5. This is what second guessing you’re self as a police officer during a split second decision looks like.

  6. I'm broke af my family gave up on me dam man I feel his pain foreal just gotta have a strong mind to get things the right way because it will feel 100 times better

  7. Whatever coo shot him in the leg. Thank you for letting the young brotha live. Even though his dumb ass made a huge mistake. You knew he wasn’t pointing the gun at you. Thank you. If it was other cops, they would of emptied their clips in that young man.

  8. I really feel sorry for this guy. Spent all that good government money on Rick & Morty socks and a cheap gun. Shoulda paid for night school classes, bro.

  9. Massive fail by the cops. They waited way TOO long to light him up. Many officers could have died that day. What are they training police now? Wait until you get shot and then you can shoot back?

  10. Can't believe after bending over and picking up his gun multiple times with 3 cops standing right behind him, he was only shot once. Also why did they tourniquet his leg lol didn't see any blood at all

  11. Wow….the suspect seems to be verry unintelligent.
    Why the heck is he trying to throw the gun on the rooth?
    Several times….infront of the cops?
    Are these the kind of guys in american schools who pretend to be cool and ending up like that?
    And why the hell does black guys in the u.s. wear their pants on their knees and rejecting belts?
    Especially as a criminal this very dump.

  12. He would rather shot you, Cops. Than be arrested. What possible use is allowing him to do whatever he wanted with that gun?
    He should have been neutralized immediately!

  13. I’m amazed he didn’t get mag dumped. Those officers exercised a lot of restraint. Maybe too much as they really put their lives at risk.

  14. Allowing a criminal to continually take possession of his own gun?… not the best tactics to say the least… Overall, a pretty poor job on the officer's part.

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