I Despise This Kind of Cop

FORMER Paterson, NJ cop Ruben McAusland has been sentenced following not only this despicable use of force incident but having been involved in narcotics sales/distribution as well.

In this video I compare/contrast what makes good cops and bad cops and how important character is.

Video evidence shown here not intended for entertainment.

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Author: phillynews215


34 thoughts on “I Despise This Kind of Cop

  1. I work hospital security in my area. Police bring in 302 patients, medical clearance arrestees, and many others all the time. I've NEVER seen an officer behave in this manner. So after hundreds of experiences, I'd most definitely say this is a rare incident.

  2. Saying all cops are bad is like saying all black people are bad because the majority of their race acts ridiculous. Or saying all trump supporters are bad because they believe differently tho Hillary said so 😂 truth is theres good people and bad people that's about it

  3. with all do respect mike we not only want the officers punished after the fact but the other police should stand up and make an arrest when they see it. they are complicit in the crime. The fact other officers do not stand up is why people think most cops are bad.

  4. Nothing has yet happened to the pos excuse of a cop who shot the vet and orphaned his girl all because the vet was yelling at him and his little feelings were hurt nor the one that shot the drunk Australian Mom and across his partner.

  5. No now That's a Good Cop, that DRUNK deserved those doses of reality he wont be drinking irresponsibly anytime soon. and yeah i also LMAOL

  6. The hand gestures got in the way of reading your cool t shirt!(triggered triggered)
    also,as your fictional fashion advisor,i recommend growing a sprig of hair on the right forehead,really long,& using a curler on it at night!This will no doubt enhance your appeal to the progesterone drenched male "woke" vewiers out there!And def increase my laughs!!!You are HILARIOUS!! 🙂

  7. I appreciate what you are doing. I agree 100% Its a shame to have a bad policeman, but there are bad in many fied. However, its important to know that they are dealt wiht.

  8. "Short cut"`? So it was not that he really needed money for something. He just wanted to have it. If you want to drive a Ferrari you should not be a cop.

    Second thing I find strange is that videoing violent attacks. I do get that people can get frustrated and hit someone. Most people then feel ashamed afterwards. He took the video because he wanted to watch it. That makes him feel powerful.

  9. Any officer that stands by and does nothing is guilty in my opinion. A good person / cop would never allow crimes to be committed or abuse of power happened right in front of them.

  10. I understand your message, but I do believe you are wrong. Bad cops don't get punished, and criminals don't get punished for doing bad things. Sure we see some cases where justice prevails, but not so much. We have a "law enforcement system" not a justice system. Prosecutors stack charges, with the intent of forcing their target to take a plea, saving the court time and resources, with not a glance to justice … that is an ancient concept, totally foreign to the US.

    About 45 years ago, I was stopped by two police officers, leaving a night club. I understand what they were thinking, "partying, drinking, driving", but that wasn't the case. I was working, repairing coin-op equipment (jukebox, pinball, video games), but it didn't matter to them.

    A friend was helping me and had dropped his cigarette, momentarily opened the door, as it had fallen beside his seat, then the fun started. We tried to explain what had happened, but they were not interested in our answers. I was polite, and tried to explain that I had indeed had a drink of beer … bartender gave each of us a beer, for repairing the jukebox, but we had work to do, and took a drink, leaving most of the beer to be thrown out.

    Long story short, cop hit me in the solar plexus, telling me to not disrespect him, and that he knew we had been drinking. I then asked him to just take us to the police station, give us a breathalyzer test. He then spit on me and he and his partner drove away. Nice fellow … and that incident has colored my view of cops and every interaction since.

    Good luck on your channel, if you intend to defend policing as a profession, you have a great deal of work in front of you.

  11. Only because of the camera this bad cop was delt with don't be fooled, when we were in the age where not as many people and places had them the lies prevailed. I believe we have 100% good cameras because too many cops have falsified reports but at least this bad cop was exposed.

  12. This is what a good portion of us deal with,but when we point these situations out,we are told to shut up and we are delusional, or we get retaliated against, or here is my favorite, we are playing victim and if we didn't violate the law we wouldn't get treated like this,but wait a minute, officers are human though right?

  13. This argument that "there are bad people in every profession" is 100% a red herring. Yes technically the statement is true. But if I'm at the bad lawyer's office I can leave and break contact. If I think my doctor is dangerous and incompetent I can leave or find a new doctor. If my teacher is terrible I have options to break off contact. Try that with the cops and I'll get extra charges…all while their buddies stand there and watch. Sure they "may" faces some jeopardy later but I'm already dead, or beat up or convicted of something that maybe I would't have if I could break off contact from the bad cops. SO PLEASE stop making that argument. It's NOT the same thing.

  14. In response to a previous comment….I actually enjoy watching people talk with their hands… maybe it's because my husband of 40 years was a hand talker. Keep up the good work Mike! Love your videos!

  15. REE WHITE COPE PROTECTING COPES PRETENDING WE DONT ALREADT KNOW THE FULL SORY!!1! Actual comment I replied to just before this on a dancing cop punchout video… Its legitimately so hard to realizs that all people with a title dont all act the same way, there is no real unified group unless it's a cult… Man politics makes me tired. Anywho, good vid Mr. Cop!

  16. I don't need confirmation that he's an asshole, or even that he was punished.
    But I'd like to know why he was comfortable doing that in front of other cops. THAT is what I'd like to see addressed.

  17. "Whats your name? why you here? Do you have any warrants? Are you carrying any weapons? Whats In your pocket? Where did you come from? Where did you go? You married got a girlfriend or kids? Why are you here and whats your deal? They are just questions you dont need to answer them"
    "Officer can you hit me? K thanks won that war."

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