Indecent Frolicking Couple Busted on Beach

@Copwatchtvobtained body camera footage from Volusia County Sheriff’s office about a summer time incident that happened at Daytona Beach. Deputies got reports of a couple acting inappropriately in front of everyone and they responded.

On Monday afternoon in Daytona Beach a couple was arrested after lifeguards reported seeing them having intimate acts “in front of families and other beach goers”

Anastazia Cretcher and Alexander Dillman were arrested for indecent exposure. Their cases are pending.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Indecent Frolicking Couple Busted on Beach

  1. Doing what they were accused of on the beach not cool. The second location should have been given a harsh warning and send them on their way and not return. Feel bad for them getting arrested. I seriously doubt cops do this to the homeless living in tents on sidewalks when they see them exposing themselves and using the street as a toilet.

  2. I’m sure her mommy’s proud. I would absolutely call this girl a 🐷 and I can see her boyfriend is going far in life. Get a room your disgusting.

  3. Its not like they were out in the open?!Yeeze what kind of Karen would call the police when they did their thing up there?… "Let the streets pay her tab" btw LOL

  4. Ppl hating on cops, u r part of the problem of why this country is going to $hit. No morals or respect.

  5. Bro she said I love you then what’s your number. 😂 honestly guy probably dodged a bullet, but that’s also probably dudes type 🤡

  6. Show some respect for your lady. Show some self-respect. She gave you a very special gift and you disrespect her. Stand up and be a man.

  7. This was proof of what’s been going on all over the U.S…taking the NON VIOLENT/CRIME-LESS KIDS to jail, and letting all the rapists, pedophiles, and drug pushers remain on the streets! So 2 kids’ naked bodies were seen…OMGGG, “let’s arrest them in front of the strung out CRIMINALS who are robbing all the department stores, or convenience stores with weapons wielding, because making 2 kids who were alone and in an area that couldn’t be seen from the street level, WAS MUCH MORE DETRIMENTAL to society!! You go law enforcement, and please give those who are HURTING others by robbing, raping, pillaging, and murdering…an escort away from THEIR crimes, so that they won’t be ridiculed by the public for what THEY were doing!!
    If this comment makes no sense, it’s due to me reeling with anger and disgust for what the REAL agendas of law enforcement are!! I’m done!

  8. Can someone explain his tee shirt? I googled and either it’s racist or mysoginistic (or both) but I don’t want to dig any deeper. Just want to know….

  9. Pigs got um some real hard criminals. Go home feeling proud skipping and singing. " i am the boss. I am the boss. Those pigs have done much worse. FTP

  10. These cops should’ve just let these lovers go … they bust ppl for THIS but allow them to riot and loot all day long ..
    Yeah, seems abt right 👹
    This world is run by monsters.
    I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have broken them up, since some busy body saw them and narced to a cop … but arrest them for making love? Pu-leezz 🙄
    You saw how many staircases they went down.. these tramps were trying to stay hidden !! There was nothing up there !!
    They would’ve been gone soon 😆
    Save the handcuffs next time and give them a warning and send them on their way.
    These cops were super uptight too.
    Big egos and VERY tight sphincters.
    Loosen up, you’re in beautiful, sunny, warm Florida ☀️

  11. Hahaha….man and woman get arrested for letting their stuff hang out in front of children but its ok for gay men show it all at a pride parade for all the children to see. Okie dokie.

  12. So the one cop has to be a dick and and make his cuffs tight as shit and knows it and then they wonder why young people don't trust major crimals here lifers😅😅😅😅😅 15:04

  13. But during June it’s ok for gays to walk down the streets nude in front of kids and nobody does anything. I guess they should of just said it was pride and they wouldn’t have bothered them 😂

  14. how is she saying they were changing??? They didn't even have other clothes to change into… SMH.

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