Judge Recused Herself, Hearing To Try Me For Contempt Was Vacated

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46 thoughts on “Judge Recused Herself, Hearing To Try Me For Contempt Was Vacated

  1. Should hear what our government is doing with illegals children. Surprise!!! They are trafficking them. Russians and Ukrainian immigratns are speaking up the most and they are pissed!! All a scam set up but they've gotten so comfortable doing what they want that they can't deal with being called out. All crooked.

  2. I shock at so called USA Justice what I see from Travis Heinze through to Jeff Gray a system in need of major reform cripes your luck your not being held in solitary with no bail for more then a year with out a court date…as many are it a fucked up system with few over sights that they stick to the law and not feelings. No matter who it is or what the charges are the Judicial system in the USA it broken.

  3. OMG what a JOKE, staging a Public protest. Sure it will FLUNK like LIA effort did. Where were you prior to creating your YOUTUBE channel, Were you out fighting for our well entrenched/already existing (slowly eroding rights, thanks to 1A Auditors) and freedoms?? If you were demonitised tomorrow and banned for life from ALL Social Media and YOUTUBE would you continue your so called Activism? Somehow I don't think so!!! You may think you have the power to make change, but its unlikely you Will Not!! Also, why don't you lend your mate Direct D 5K given you were bragging you won a 100K Lawsuit?? Another Crim that will end up behind bars for a long time. Here's hoping!!!

  4. The court system is run by the bar the British accredited registrar it's all about taxes in the 14th Amendment running under admiralty and maritime law that of contract and Terrace and your legal fiction you're all cap name that this corrupt defacto government throws a levy on your all-cap name which is not you the man or womb man and anybody in the bar is working for the British accredited registrar it's the British a foreign private for-profit Corporation just like the United States government it's a corporation when stinkin Lincoln put it in a corporation instead of a true government its de facto in 1861 that has been bankrupt ever since 162 years and is still bankrupt!!!!!!!¿¿¿

  5. I couldn't make the live but catching up this morning, I'm all in for this.. I love when I see James get fired up. And you the man bcoz you following through with it🤙🏼like so many can't. You sir are a legend. . When u get your big settlement,coz you will will can you buy me a dirt bike? Lol.
    Ps, I made a few calls about Albuquerque and Susan aswell. And I was polite..But Fair!😉🤫..
    We need a few thousand more political soldiers like you. They Turing you into a cross between the A-Team and Rambo 🤭🤭 meaning the People are on your side all the way. Be safe out there taking down this rats nest of tyranny ✌🏼

  6. Yes James sounds like another Leon valley deal buddy. But a lot worse their. Thug judge and Mrs. Karen at the window was really rood buddy. Totally unreal again James. Mark from Tennessee 👍👍

  7. the court is a legal fiction so it can't be the complaining party; im assuming the judge was intending to be the judge AND the complaining party….sounds familiar..

  8. If they are found to not follow the rules and they get proven to not follow the law then they should get disbarred never to practice law ever

  9. I was able to watch the KRQE new's story, and i believe the effect of that here in New Mexico will be very positive! Our local politicians and public servants have run amuck for way to long.. Great Job James for your perseverance and good luck!

  10. We have had three judges recused back to back on the same case recently and are about to give it a go on two more judges still to do with the same case and we did this All pro SE (by ourselves without a lawyer) 💪⚖️

  11. The corruption comes from the conservative & federalist society judges and prosecutors. THE WHOLE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM IS NOTHING MORE THAN LIES, CORRUPTION AND CRIMINALS. Remember, Justice System is NOT about law and order or justice. It is all about money with racism and bias built in.

  12. It is disgusting how cops , DAs and judges retaliate , abuse our rights and hide behind their immunity to do dirty deeds .

  13. If you were about a foot taller and sixty pounds heavier, I'd say you'd have made a good VIKING. THat beard is looking EPIC!

  14. It's becoming clear that the criminal justice system in this country is broken, at least the justice part. The criminal part of it seems correct.

  15. They need held to their oath which is to uphold the Constitution, judges, police, prosecutors and all public servants, and when they do not have an oath, they then need removed and charged for impersonating a public servant, the only way the people allowed a govern-ment to govern was only if they took an oath to uphold the Constitution and only by all laws abiding by the Constitution.

  16. There is no validity in the justice system. It's all a farce. And there are no laws preventing filming in a courtroom. Those are just rules the judge makes, which he has no authority to do in OUR courtroom.

  17. The entire just us system is 100% corrupt James and I have no respect whatsoever for anyone within that corrupt unjust system

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