LauraSharkCw a short Copwatch story

I thought this would be fun, i know there are many more questions you all probably have for me, but I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments below. Let me know if you like this style video~

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36 thoughts on “LauraSharkCw a short Copwatch story

  1. OMG
    I love the drawing story times!!! I don't know how I missed it. 😲
    I live in Tecas. What part did you go to?

    Are your parents supportive of you doing this?

    Are you and Tom Zebra a thing? Or are y'all just friends? (You don't have to say. I'm a Nosey Rosey.)

    It's good to know that I'm not the only one that was/is scared out of their minds trying to do this.

    I'm not good with confrontations. And sometimes what I want to say just doesn't come out the way I want. It's very embarrassing. Has that happened with you?

    Another thing that I want to share with you about me is that my mother is a judge in the town next to where we live. And this has caused me to develop a unrealistic fear that every single cop is friends with her and that they know who I am. And that if I record them or do something they don't like I feel like they're going to tell on me.

    The thing with my mother is that she doesn't know how to not be a judge. So crime and punishment is a thing at my house.

    I'm in no way saying that she's a terrible mom or anything. She makes time for my sisters and I to do mother-daughter things.

    It's just that I'm not able to tell her secret and private things. We don't have that kind of relationship.

    For example I faked and having a period for almost a full year. Because all my friends got theirs at 13 or something. A my younger sister got hers before me. I didn't get mine for real until literally one week before my 15th birthday. I'm still 15. My birthday is next month.

    That's just an example of our relationship. I would rather lie then tell her my personal business. And that sucks. I wish it wasn't like that.

    ………..and sometimes I over share. Sorry

    I'm going to go now.

    Ohhhh. Can you do a video covering all your equipment? I'd like that. Just so I can have an idea of what I need.

    Have a good day Laura. I really like this video. Sorry I missed it the first time.

  2. How old are you,, Married,, What do you do for a living.??
    Been a long time (I guess you could say Fan) subscriber and you can see how you grew.. Be Safe and God Bless..
    P.S. Witch ever God you believe in if you even believe in one..
    P.S.S. Had to say that to make everyone happy.!!

  3. Great work. I was lead onto your videos throught Zebra and Munday. The 3 of you make an incredible team and produce some of the most important YouTube content available. Keep safe and keep auditing!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your story and your insight as well as your information of your equipment I'm sure it'll be quite helpful to them any that I'll refer do your channel when they tell me they want to get involved in watching the police keep up the awesomeness you are quite a great soul and I like many others are very grateful for your efforts

  5. Been a copwatch fan for years. Tom got me on Youtube. You are a welcome addition to the community. Subscriber and supporter. You go.

  6. I've been watching your videos for years now and you're one of my favorites. Your subtle sarcasm has me cracking up all the time. I said to myself just the other day that I haven't seen Ida Foxy in like a year… is she okay? I don't need any personal info, but I'm just curious why she's not posting videos. Tom Zebra & The Batousai are some of my favorites too. Thank you for sharing and providing the great videos of your experiences and bringing awareness.

  7. I love the sharks – I recently saw this product – very effective video – Be careful out there – cheers

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