1. Thanks Johnny, that's really appreciated, although I wasn't totally on my own all the time, Belle for Freedom was still posting and some of the others were there for a time too. 👖also helped for a bit in her usual way – sitting on the keypad, getting between me and it etc – how would I manage alone? 🐱😨

    It was a brilliant stream, it's good to see you back (I'm watching it again as you dont see it all when chats busy) but those 1s for people there since the beginning at the end killed me though, I had to allow every single one! I said to Genesis it wore my fingerprint off haha…

  2. I just started watching not too long ago and I must say- of all the first amendment auditors- I love how u know the law and spit it out so humorously. Keep doing what ur doing! 🤘

  3. In law school looked it up officer douchebag is incorrect CFR 38 1.218 (10) states
    (10)Photographs for news, advertising, or commercial purposes. Photographs for advertising or commercial purposes may be taken only with the written consent of the head of the facility or designee. Photographs for news purposes may be taken at entrances, lobbies, foyers, or in other places designated by the head of the facility or designee.

  4. Glad your back……it was great…..and the video…with random jogger….slash robot….quick firing questions back at you…the word freedom……short circuit over load…melt down….Absolutely brilliant

  5. hey friend, I've been searching high and low for this information and I cannot find it.. I have a local Precinct that has a untagged Hummer parked on city property, I know it's illegal because they towed my truck because it hadnt been tagged, on my own property… how would I go about that, you know, reporting it or holding them accountable to follow the same laws as everyone else

  6. It was rather amusing to see the threats come to nothing, but a threat to arrest is still an assault In my country.

  7. I will nominate you for " Best Pig Roast of 2019!" I watched almost all of it and wondering if they learnt something today! It was funny watching the Renta Cops waddling behind you talking bout their interpretation of law is right and you are wrong. I have much respect for you donating your time when making these educational videos. Hope to see the next one soon.

  8. I watched some of it! Your cause lost my interest! I believe in our rights but you made innocent people feel uncomfortable. You bullied the innocent forcing protection from those who you were there to film! You are an idiot assclown! I'm unsubscribed@johnie's a 0

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