Man Pranks Cop, Gets Arrested, Then Captain Orders His Release

Harvey Freebird

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44 thoughts on “Man Pranks Cop, Gets Arrested, Then Captain Orders His Release

  1. A rare police officer who knows and upholds the law. There are far too few good police officers. This is a great example of a professional police officer.

  2. Time stamp 2:50. Isn't this cop committing the crime of destruction of evidence before trial by turning off his camera which prevents more evidence from being collected?

  3. So let’s get this right the head of the police union is a bad apple as we seen here so why is this bad apple still on the streets.infecting the rest of the force as we have seen all over the USA .thank you captain for being a honest good officer well done 👏👏👏👏 now charge this bad apple .

  4. It's amazing You found the captain with some integrity but the problem is the dirty sergeant needs to be arrested for violating this Harvey freebird civil rights until he's prosecuted this is never going to stop

  5. The thing is, pocket these days could mean some type of device, you just never know these days. So it’s a decent prank but not the best 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Hahahaha… That's how you expose some of the dumbest cops…Hey you dropped your pocket….And the fool looked for it….🤦🏾😂😂😂😂….

  7. Police shouldn’t even have that kind of powers at all to begin with. One cop arrest someone for a non violent pedestrian violation just like that, then a higher ranking cop can get it freed just with one phone call. Cops shouldn’t even have the right to arrest anyone over minor stuff, we have to strip them of that power.

  8. I've had bad days and reacted badly to someone's joke or prank, however it only resulted in me looking like an asshole and never ended in a kidnapping. That tin man was fucking insane to even contemplate arresting the auditor. But to actually follow through with it is incomprehensible .

  9. I am torn. Selfishly, I want him to stay to weed out and EMBARRASS the really evil ones. But the altruism in me wants him to quit being a cop and do something productive with his life.

  10. Cops like tyrant Sgt Gainer, who seek every opportunity to snatch a pesky Citizen’s fundamental Liberty and throwing them in a cage whenever they want, are UNFIT to have LEO credentials!

  11. The captain knows some heat is coming his way the way he is hesitant to talk about it. Props to him for taking this on to protect citizen rights. I hope they don’t run him off

  12. Harvey is lucky he didn't end the prank the right way, or he would really have gotten the treatment.
    (It's supposed to end with, "Thanks for the dance!")

  13. This has to be the most positive video I have seen from an auditor. The captain who releases Harvey Freebird deserves the freedom of Galveston for the brilliant move to release Harvey from jail after an illegal arrest. Great call between the auditor and the captain. 
    It would be even better if the cop who arrested him apologised to all of us for his childish behaviour and slightly criminal as well for illegally arresting someone. The police need to become more human in their interactions with citizens. How much better would it have been if the cop being pranked had a laugh. As we say in Ireland " Get over yourself" Probably everywhere when I think of it.

  14. If one has no sense of humor, one is mentally ill. But the Grey blue flagged Leo murder and steal thanks to qualified immunity. I know no good leo.

  15. This Captain 🧑‍✈️ needs a Raise, just for doing the Right thing, being a Officer knowing the Law, Great Job Sir, Keep on doing your Job, and Train the Bad Apples, Thank You 💯🙏🇺🇸

  16. The Captain actually seems like a nice guy. It's good that he's there and did what he did. Thanks for posting James. Some good news related to the police is refreshing.

  17. That acting captain has more than earned that job position & some respect.. I hope that the ‘thin blue line’ doesn’t turn on him for actually doing the right thing because we need more cops like him that does the right thing 🙏

  18. All I will say is this: southerners are in WAY more trouble with their police state than many states up north are. Many of these police videos are featuring southern states and it's quite interesting that they think they're so free

  19. 😂 well if I had to say one thing good in search at least he finally admitted he did something wrong in the very end

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