New Mexico Supreme Court Lifted Mask Mandate! – Thank you Everyone for your help!

Brian’s analysis of how bad Frazee hurt public trust Law enforcement AGAIN

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34 thoughts on “New Mexico Supreme Court Lifted Mask Mandate! – Thank you Everyone for your help!

  1. For me, you admitting that you were part of the problem is a great thing. For me, the best way one can improve is to admit where they are and what they have done. It's only wrong when you know what you are doing and you keep doing it.

  2. As usual, the Freeman twist got me. "I should have just hit him" sure sounded like you were going to say "he should have just hit ME"! Love the effort and results!

  3. James, my dear old Dad used to say, the turkeys will never vote for Christmas, he was sooooo right. Without a root and branch change in the way the system is set up things will never change.

  4. You’re right about the courage point… the loads of it among the citizenry, and the absence of it among Frazee. Either way though, his actions ultimately caused that citizenry to actually do something. Hopefully this is the start to us actually behaving like this is a nation “for and by the people.” What else can we set him up to royally mess up? By the way, conservatives are the future of fixing this country… that is not the Republican Party. Rinos are no different in lacking strong positions than democrats.

  5. I did my part and made those phone calls. I'm so happy that the power of the people manifested itself so effectively here. It's a shame, because the Sheriff is voted in by the people to UPHOLD the US Constitution, and Frazee proved to be a pitiful authoritarian. I say the community should ridicule him in public, to see if he's at least man enough to resign.

  6. Be free people. Stop paying rents and mortgages and claim your space. Start on July 4 2024… This country is stolen land-just steal it again.

  7. If the sheriff is voted out I'll move down there and be sheriff if you can garontee me enough votes. I'm not R or D. I go with the logical ideas on either side. Plus I have no background in law enforcement because power doesn't interest me or effect my decisions, I am also not religious so the fear of God cant effect me either. Also I'm autistic so I have my own ideas on life, not ideas others instill in me, I'm an independent thinking person who can't be bought but can be payed to do a job, and if I make a mistake I'll be the first to admit it and change if necessary. I would also make sure bodycams were always running under threat of pay cut or relief of employment for anyone breaking my rules.
    I would honestly be the worst politician or Blue line gang leader ever because I tell the truth way too much.
    That's my resume!
    Now who's going to cover my airfare from CT to NM? I'll quit my job and be ready in as little as 3 weeks to move.

  8. In The USA 🇺🇸, Sheriffs of County have Accountability to Citizens of The County, Constitution of State, and The Constitution of The USA 🇺🇸 Most of All.

  9. Lol Brian from "here is the deal" is a occultard agent. The occult will always stay in control just like it stated in the Book. The anti Christ being the last 'hero" (agent) that the fake and deceived world looks up too.

    Just no to 👉👁️🧑‍🚀⚡🐍🇮🇱 and blue lodgers 👥 (not so free Masons) #TheTruthWasHere

  10. That's awesome! I made multiple phone calls and sent a few emails to Torrance county. The sherif left me a voicemail, but never got back to my reply…

  11. The video quality is OK but there is a lot of hair strands on the screen. About 20% of the screen is hair. I hit a cop twice and he stood there and took it. No I was not arrested. Years ago my Dad took the gun away from a cop and threw it in the bushes and then beat the crap out of this cop. He then went to the police station and told the Police Chief what he had done and why and told him where the officers gun was incase they didn't find it already. The Chief said, good he needed that and thanked him and they said their goodbye's. The Sheriff was talking good but then he showed us who he really was and yes he is a coward and a liar many times over. If he is a bad Judge he may be getting arrested soon and could be executed. I could almost bet the Judge signing those Covid orders will be getting arrested and hanged. Many of those judges were given millions of dollars to do that and it is all being tracked by the military. I would bet your Governor will be going to GITMO also to be hanged. Thanks James.

  12. And the Trolls say the 1A Auditors don't make a difference ! Well AGAIN they can EAT THEIR WORDS. Great job James. Stay Safe !!!!

  13. Even California lifted its mask mandate in mid February. The mandate was needed during the pandemic but its run its course and whatever cases still happen now will continue to happen as it is now a normal part of life. There will likely be flare ups and some of them may be pretty bad but people have to get back to normal lives now.

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