Security Guards LOSE IT After FAILING To Deescalate!


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43 thoughts on “Security Guards LOSE IT After FAILING To Deescalate!

  1. Security guard ever tries to put hands on me (or use a weapon) and that guard won’t ever eat, walk, or crap without medical assistance.

  2. But the cop said '' Stop resisting '' You can't resist a detention or a terry stop but can resist an arrest. So which one is which.

  3. This guy needs to understand there is a time when you need to calm down and talk with the cops about the situation. He needs to study the law a little more before spouting off about stuff he is wrong about.

  4. I see I'm not the only one who thinks that, although the dude is correct about the main underlying issue (being pepper sprayed), he was wrong about many other things and definitely needed to calm tf down!

  5. Instead of calling the police himself as soon as he got pepper sprayed, he pursues the guard into the store and then lets them control the narrative. They made the 911 call and the police went off what they said. Stop trying to get "gotcha" videos and encounters like this may go better.

  6. This guy needs to get himself under control, his actions are making him look like the aggressor. No one is going to believe anything he says until he pulls camera footage. I can understanding being pissed off, but my god flip out more.

  7. Instead of confronting the Security guard who pepper sprayed him, Mr. Stone should have himself called 911 and reported the assault to police and ask that they respond and arrest the perpetrators.😊

  8. Dont like this Stone guy. He loses all credibility not having the initial footage; awfully convenient for someone repeatedly wrong in his assertions.

  9. In the UK security staff must have their SIA card on display at all times. I don't understand why it ain't the same in the US

  10. Okay I am just going to say it if this guy really got assaulted he would’ve called the cops. Not act in this manner.

  11. I really hate how this video is making me want to defend the cops on this one. That dude was not only insufferable, but clearly wrong about pretty much everything he was belting on about.

  12. Yeah idk I think the security guards acted accordingly. This dude was way too aggressive. At least based on the video, who knows what really happened beforehand.

  13. This guy escalated everything. I don't feel sorry for him. He was combative and plays victim. I'm sick and tired of these "auditors" saying thats their journalists. They purposefully go look for trouble.

  14. Hold on a second,how do we know the man was innocent? We dont know if the use of spray against him was unjustified. Maybe he was charging the security guard and the guard felt threatened . So many people take the side of the dude,from watching the video the more im starting to think the dude is the one with the short temper and could of been threatening towards the guard

  15. Him and Security were acting insufferable. I understand why he’s livid, but dude you’re not helping yourself by throwing a temper tantrum. You catch more flies with honey, than vinegar.

  16. There is no difference between being detained and being arrested. Everyone who attempts to define the two terms is engaged in blathering.

  17. These officers are the worse. Just low IQ. I guess when all you need is an 8th grade education , a GED and 6 weeks of training. It's harder to get a job at Allstate to answer the phones as customer service rep.

  18. It is reasonable because you are screaming like a lunatic, making demands, and trying to tell the police how to do their jobs and making the investigation longer.

  19. If you want to infringe on someone rights just report them to the police. Seems like "somebody called" is the leading excuse for doing whatever they want to do.

  20. Attitude is everything. And this dude showed a poor display of attitude. If he has a little bit more respectful, considering the situation and probably would’ve been a way better outcome and audit.

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