Trump THREATENS to Take America Down WITH HIM

Donald Trump is making increasingly alarming statements; is he just losing it? Or should Americans take his frightful rhetoric seriously? And do some Americans really want a dictator? Suri Crowe reports.

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Author: phillynews215


50 thoughts on “Trump THREATENS to Take America Down WITH HIM

  1. Trump loves a White House because he didn't have to pay for anything or do anything. Everybody catered to him paid for everything he said jump you jumped, he left it there. That's why he went back in the White House. Just like everybody else, Pompei used to have his aid take his laundry to the cleaners every day. And bar did the same everybody. There loves Trump because he let them do all that stuff.
    I would like to go back to it if I was pampered and didn't have to do nothing for it.

  2. Just remember everything trump accused someone of a crime.its him that is doing it. Lock her up about Clinton emails and she was found not guilty by all Republican committee. And trump takes top secret files and shows them to people that are not cleared to see them. And they way he acts every time he is around Putin. Taking his side over his own country and our allies. He knows he is going to jail if he doesn't win. He brings out the worst in the worst people. He lies he has the money to pay his legal bills. And is selling sneakers and Bibles. And his buddy now said a few years back that if trump wins he will destroy the Republican party and our country and if we let it happens we will deserve it. So true but now he changes his tune. He is a Republican senator. Forgot his name another piece of crap.

  3. Trump doesn't understand anything about anything the only thing he is geat at is lying and stealing money anyway he can. And he is the last person that should say anything about not paying your bills. We know why he was the only president that refused to show his tax returns. Now we know now he hasn't paid taxes for years. Any other president would be front page News saying Obama would not show his taxes what is he hiding. Trump got away with a lot. Any other person would be in jail after breaking the first gag order. He going to tell Putin go and attack our allies because they are a little short in paying to NATO and it doesn't work like that. He sounds so stupid when he talks. Just look at all the people that work for him and he said I only pick the best. They either quit or got locked up. And he pardons. The felons. Sick man that can destroy our country. And he knows what to do this time around.

  4. Only his cult followers. Still many smart, intelligent people here!! Get him locked up. Even wanted to hang Mike Pence, yet apparently holds something over Pences head. Wonder what it is???

  5. Republikkons are always trying to prove how the USA should be run.
    Democrats are showing how things should be run. And doing a great job of it.
    Vote blue and keep USA

  6. Trump never pays his bills. So why the quote if a country does not pay they could not belong to NATO. He bankrupted small businesses when he went belly up in Atlantic City. The little guys who worked on his casinos he left hi and dry.

  7. Trump is not going to take anybody down, no he's not he's not going to last long. He is dangerous and manical, is he a Sick minded person,.. threatening Americans we must never turn our eyes away from him… We must stand tall against his threat's and push away from his terrifying terms… Remember who we are as as a nation not divided but whole. Before he takes our programs away from us, cause one day he'll be gone, and so will our monies to survive on. Everyone has a time theyre ment to live, as well as a time to not be here on earth anymore… Doom to us Americans if we dont shape up an quit fighting ourself and each other.over a self appointed selfish person. Together for a better way of life, divided we fail. For every yin there is a yang.for god created us in his image , let us not lose our way of life.

  8. Trump has threaten AMERICA and it's constitutional doctrine for A stolen election in which he said was stolen and stated that he's taking America down with him and you wonder WHY he stole National security documents A traitor at WORK what America stands for Trump's against.Democracy

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