IDF update: Israeli airstrikes intensify in Gaza, Hamas hiding among civilians | LiveNOW from FOX

The Israel Defense Forces spoke on the airstrikes intensifying in Gaza amid the Israel-Hamas war.

President Herzog is saying he is open to another temporary ceasefire as dozens of hostages are still being held captive by Hamas.

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49 thoughts on “IDF update: Israeli airstrikes intensify in Gaza, Hamas hiding among civilians | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. Hamas don't care about their own people. They use them as human shields, prevent aid getting to them while they keep it for themselves. IDF are doing their best in extremely difficult situation

  2. Raise your voice for Gaza, share stories and don’t stop posting about it, keep the conversation alive and join in collective prayers.

    We demand an immediate ceasefire.

  3. Hamas is 12 year olds who witness their mothers denied water and food and under rubble, defending the next mother and baby sister and continue to not be allowed to leave, electricity shut off at night, open air prison, no jobs no future, no vacation, no food, kept there to ethnically cleanse and play victim for more of my tax dollars when they defend themselves and called terrorsits for defending the next pregannt mother and baby sister not allowed to leave starved and denied water or right to leave. END ISRAELI GENOCIDE STOP SENDING MY TAX DOLLARS TO ISRAEL

  4. Merdeka palestina merdeka merdeka allah huakbar majulah para pejuang gaza palestina usir zionis pembunuhan geonasida. Setiap doa kami untuk saudara kami palestina.mujahidin hamas yaman ❤❤❤❤

  5. Idiot statement. Cause they fire civilian when they evacuate by they order.
    On middle of evacuate they fire that civilian, and now make this statement.

  6. On 7. October Israel displaced Palestine in Gaza to southern to Rafah for their security because Israel want to bombed destroyed Hamas in Gaza but Israel never promised the people of Gaza can returned back to their home town in Gaza after war end because Israel want to anexed Gaza ini The Great Israel

  7. That is the reason Zionis kill Palestine civilian …
    IsrahELL soldiers tottaly fail ..
    Some people believe only.from speech …

  8. What amazes me is that hamas started this they decided to use Palestinian people innocent people mind you, to do all this and use tunnels for all this Yet on the news they are painting israel to be this monster i mean its like if someone walks up to me or you and hits you over the head with a very heavy bottle, do they expect you not to fight back? Because that's exactly what's going on here. Not only that, what if that experiment attack i described, you had a family member with you, you'd do anything to protect them. So again, yes, innocent lives have been lost, and very sad indeed but let's think for a second, the hamas group are the ones using palestinians' lives as shields and people, let's remember that next time the news decide to paint a picture of israel as bloody murderers

  9. Fakta yang terbalik,atau hoax. Israel tidak pedulikan kehidupan warganya yang disandera..warga Israel yang disandera tidak bakal dibebaskan karena Netanyahu hanya mementingkan ambisinya untuk menang, keserakahannya memiliki GAZA, padahal jelas dia sudah kalah dengan Hamas dan kawannya.
    penjarakan Netanyahu karena melanggar kemanusiaan.

  10. That's what resistance looks like. Simply end the occupation. 153 countries turned their backs on you. It sounds like the IOF is losing.

  11. Ur shamles inly airstrikes civilians and innocent s this is a war rules imptents idf its not possible never ooroch even one rebel of hamas 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I am a Patriot. Anybody that loves his country is a patriot. Taking sides in this war easy. If you live in your house with your family and some comes in attacking your family? What will you do???. Yes protect yourself. Hamas started this whole thing. Forget about the boundary dispute for a second. They attacked from Palestinian. Because if you believe Israel is wrong in this war, then Ukraine is also wrong in their war. Honestly am not happy about all these. 2 wars in one planet.Hey! God!

  13. Its pathetic … You have to be the sorriest military in the world to use bombs to kill everyone and everything when youre the most advanced technology AI military 8n the world. We know its not hamas youre after. I used to believe in you and gave much to uou bc i believed your lies. Now not only i. But the whole world sees what you really are….the Devil

  14. It doesn’t matter what we say or hear. This war is going to play out the way it will. Nothing we can do about it. They just want more people’s sympathy and money. American money goes to wars, we get no say in. Do I hear ‘Taxation without Representation’?

  15. God help you…your evil actions are not self- defense…women & children are not terrorists, you are committing genocide…pls.stop…this is not conducive to peace oh Israel…IDF are evil…not protectors…pls.stop your lies….

  16. 8000 children killed, 60000 injured civilians, IDF criminal and killers, stop killing innocent people and children, stop Holocaust in Gaza

  17. I love how they keep going back to “well we wouldn’t be doing this if they hadn’t done that “ yeah we know this. But how far does that statement get you? What if you killed all 2 million Palestinians in Gaza? Would that statement make it OK? Hey they started it.

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