Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs. Google Pixel Fold: UNCREASING misconceptions!

Starting at $1,799, which is the better buy? The Google Pixel Fold or the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5?

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48 thoughts on “Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs. Google Pixel Fold: UNCREASING misconceptions!

  1. Most of the tech reviewers were getting paid to hype up a phone, and they never talk about the longevity of a phone. Google's phones ALL fail quickly in the hardware department. Too bad these tech reviewer dont use them for more than a month after getting the review video finished, and fooled their viewers into buying unreliable trash.

  2. Pixel Fold really is one of the ugliest phone I have ever seen. And for that reason alone, I will never buy it. And you all know google produces trash unreliable hardware that fails quickly over time. Have fun with your expensive but ugly toy that will last you 6 month or a year.

  3. I think you should also do a test with older phones to see how they behave over time. I have a P6P and for several months the zoom camera no longer focuses except in daylight. Wasn't it normal to work the same as on the first day? In addition, I could give maximum zoom to make a kind of macro with her help, now she tells me to back off if I want her to focus. What guarantees do those with P7P have that they will not suffer the same next year after the release of P8P? And so on.

  4. The format from the MS Duo was spot on, Google now have this… Samsung need to learn from this. Have the fold 3, it's great, but the screens just the wrong ratio.

  5. If you want a phone that turns into a tablet, get the Pixel Fold. If you want a foldable with an unusable outer display and a big square display on the inside, get the Z Fold.

  6. I've had a z fold 3 and a z flip 3. I found myself more drawn to the flip because the fold is nearly impossible to use the outer screen. If samsung made the pixel fold, or a phone with the same dimensions, I'd get it even at the price. But samsung has yet to hear people's complaints about the outer screen. Hopefully they make another line of Foldables that people can type on lol

  7. Can someone help me? I have Samsung S21 FE Screen panel and it'is not getting to its maximum brightness (nits) while using under direct sunlight. I can't able to view Google maps properly while driving with my phone on Bike's phone holder… It is very dark and dull unlike other midrange phones… Though i switched to adaptive brightness, this issue wasn't solved.

    Any solution or anybody facing this?

  8. After seeing all of the rumors that the zfold 5 was going to get a rating of IP58 and possibly an improved array of camera modules, I'm super disappointed. The ingress rating for me is the biggest letdown with these foldables. As someone who takes my phone to the beach a lot, I'm just really scared that sand is going to get in there and destroy my device. And the Pixel folds cameras are really good, but coming for my pixel Pro 7 I was hoping the z fold 5 was going to beat out the Pixel folds cameras by a mile. 😅😅

  9. I do not get the YT creators that complain about some apps not filling the inner display. All I do is turn the tablet to portrait and voila it fills the display. Tablets are meant to be used both in portrait and landscape. I would ignore the YT take on that as it is misleading.

    For me, the Galaxy Fold design for the front display is unusable and therefore the Pixdel is the better choice for that alone. On Android 14 I am getting 1-2 hours greater SOT with my Pixel Fold than I did with my Galaxy Fold 4. I have not experienced it getting hot, but like the Fold 4, the back does get slightly warm at times after an extended period of use.

    I think the Fold 4 is fantastic apart from the outer display, but that is enough for me to favour the Pixel Fold, and so far, so good.

  10. I actually like the pixel fold, I have one, but I still enjoying using my surface dou. Can't tell which is a better device, the surface dou is way thinner, but still love both devices.

  11. I got the fold with $1000 off at Verizon. I nornally use the iphone 14 pro wirh the pixel 6 pro as my second line. This pixel fold is hands down the most beautiful and exciting phone ive used. I havent found a whole lot to complain about. Great video!

  12. I like to have a phone and also a tablet when needed. I don't like to always have to unfold my fold 3 all the time. The narrow, tall screen is sometimes useless with certain apps, and especially when you have to type out some quick texts.

  13. Addition considerations are although the RAM and storage configurations appear to be the same, the Galaxy is using the upgraded lpddr5x ram and UFS 4.0 storage, which is significantly faster than Google's offering. Also, if camera performance is a priority, and a tablet is not necessary for everyday carry, then a S23 Ultra and a Tab S8/9 combination it's not much more expensive than a folding phone.

  14. Last week all you crackhead YouTubers were saying to not buy the Pixel fold at all and to either stick with the z-fold 4 because it's better but now that the z-fold 5 is out you're actually telling people to get the damn pixel

  15. I wouldn't take any of those even for free, that central crease would always bother me every time I would look at it and would make the overall usage experience very unpleasant. Same goes for EXTREMELY fragile and scratch-attracting plastic surface of all of the foldable display panels (which only enhances the impression of these foldables being "toys to impress simple-minded friends with", not a real work tools). I'd much rather continue using smaller non-foldable displays on current non-foldable phones even if I have to frequently zoom in/out of displayed info on them.

  16. I think many are missing the question… why is Samsung sticking with the thin style outer display.

    Why do people buy a foldable device? Because they like the larger display for multi tasking, media consumption and editing documents, right?

    So why make a device that you might not utilise that larger display as often (the fold). Answering a quick social media, or txt message is easy on the thin display. As is taking a call.

    For me, my daily driver is a Pixel 7 Pro. With my main media consumption device a iPad mini.

    But for a foldable device I’m ordering a Z-fold 5, to replace both.

  17. As much as I don't like the format of the Pixel Fold when it's closed (too wide for my taste), I don't like that of the Galaxy Fold (too narrow).

    However, the observation I made is that, the same people who criticize the width of the external screen of the Galaxy Fold, are the ones who applaud the iPhones Mini, yet, both smartphones actually have the same width 🤷🏽‍♂️

  18. Google fold has the best form factor but lacks in specs, that G2 is already overheating and giving poor battery results I don’t see it getting any better with updates. Google did include a really strong set of cameras with its 5x optical. Samsung outer screen is too long and elongated but offers the strongest and brightest screens with a really strong chipset and really good multi tasking features, it’s really disappointing that Samsung hasn’t upgraded the cameras as that could’ve been a strong selling point. Honestly seems like another year of skipping foldables, for that price range they need to do better.

  19. As someone who works remote often but needs to review PDF and reviewedit Word documents regularly, it is an enormous benefit to have a larger display, especially if you have to edit. I have a small Bluetooth keyboard and mouse I keep in my bag and I can actually turn it into a mini laptop without carrying a laptop if need be. Of course, it's also nice to have a larger display for content consumption. I have had the Fold3, the Fold4, and now the pixel fold. I actually found that the Folds were the first Samsung that I really loved since the early days of the note but the form factor was horrible for texting on the front screen and I was glad to switch over to the pixel fold even with the lower specs. Form factor is fabulous and I really don't need SOC power beyond what it gives me. Of course pixels always also have all types of little Easter eggs and the software generally works rock solid. Further, in my experience using both cameras extensively, the pixel blows away the samsung foldables. Samsung has done a great job of modifying one UI to work really well with a foldable, better than vanilla Android at this point, but let's be honest. Eventually, Google will make sure that all of the features we find in the samsung foldables are in vanilla, Android or at least can be added with third party apps. One on their interesting note is how much better voice transcription works on the pixel fold then on the Samsung foldables.

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